The Ghost-to-Ghost collection is a sorted list of Three Investigators related websites from around the world. Additions and updates are highlighted in red. Please contact me if you know of a site that is missing or if you find a broken link.

Dedicated Sites

North America

Three Investigators Headquarters - The official site with wonderful information about Robert Arthur, the man who created The Three Investigators. By Elizabeth Arthur (Robert Arthur's daughter) and her husband Steven Bauer - Comprehensive information on the North American editions: history, collecting, conservation, multimedia downloads, news, trivia and much more. Some highlights are scans of every cover, a First Printing Guide, audio plays, wallpaper and a screensaver. By Robert O. Held

The Three Investigators Readers' Web Site - The most complete information available on the stories and characters. This site contains scans of all the internal illustrations, fan contributed artwork, a Windows theme, information on Ed Vebell and diagrams of Headquarters and the Jones Salvage Yard. By Philip Fulmer

The Three Investigators U.S. Editions Collector's Site - An extensive collecting/histery site that also contains the Morley interviews with Dennis Lynds (William Arden) & Gayle Lynds (G.H. Stone), scans of original cover painting art, author and artist biographies, fan contributed artwork and Mark Zahn's 3I fiction. By Seth T. Smolinske

The Three Investigators - A list of the books with cover scans, a Listening Room for the English audio plays, links and a Book Review Page. By Tyrell Benson

Kids@Random: The Three Investigators - Random House's site with some basic information on the series and on each title in the Dodge Issue.

The Three Investigators: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Series - A page at The Thrilling Detective Web Site containing discussion and opinions along with a list of all the titles through the German Die Drei ??? #84. By Kevin Burton Smith


Die Drei Fragezeichen auf der - A very well designed and detailed site that covers the German series from top to bottom. A few highlights: plots and character lists for each title, a worldwide cover archive, quizzes, multimedia downloads and a message board. In German. By Jörg and Detlev

Der Welt Inoffiziellste Die Drei ??? Fan Homepage - A very unique site filled with original comic book style art. Some highlights: an interactive hypertext-based comic adventure, a young detective's handbook, a collection of worldwide Three Investigators business cards, cover scans and downloads. In German with some English. By Lillebror

Die Rocky Beach Homepage - Another wonderful site on the German books which contains, among many other items: a sound archive, information on all of the titles, a section on the original series in English and quizzes. In German with some English. By Arne Meyer and Hendrik Feddes

Die Drei ??? auf - A large and very professional site with in depth information on the German books and CD's. There are also icons, Windows startup/shutdown screens and MP3's available for download. In German. By Peter Mebus

Die Drei Fragezeichen - Opinions on many of the books and several large scans of the German and British Armada covers. In German. By Cha Loupka Pavel

Varania: The Three Investigators in Europe - A very ambitious and comprehensive site that contains information on the European titles, editions, publishers, cover artists and much more. This site is quite a resource. In English. By Jonny Nilsson

Ian Regan's 3I Collection - A nice collection of cover scans from the Armada and Diamond Books British editions. In English. By Ian Regan

Mistério Juvenil - Os 3 Investigadores (The Three Investigators) - A very nicely designed site with information and cover scans for the Portuguese editions. In Portuguese and English. By Paulo Ferreira.

Die drei ??? bei Oliver In Person Digital - A fascinating look at some of the real and "mostly real" places The Three Investigators have visited in their cases; with descriptions, pictures and even maps. In German. By Oliver Koch

Alles über die drei Junior-Detektive aus Rocky-Beach - A highly professional site with information on the German audio plays, a forum, downloads, a chatroom, a newsletter and much more. In German. By Peter Köhler

Die drei ??? - A well designed and broad site with a great deal of information on the German books and audio plays: characters, sounds, cover scans, some original art and much more. In German. By Julia Knaf

Die drei Detektive - Information on the audio plays, as well as a quiz and some great downloadable multimedia items: wallpaper, a theme, icons and cursors. In German. By Christian

??? Die Offizielle Homepage - The official German site on the audio plays; with an online store. In German.

dreifragezeichen-online - A very professional site about the German books and audio plays; with a quiz and cover scans. In German. By Daniel Merks

Alfred Hitchcock og De tre Detektiver - A list of and information on the titles available in Denmark. In Danish. By Martin Mose Larsen.

Helges Heimseite - A comparison of the German, Swedish and English titles plus large scans of the Swedish covers. In German. By Helge Willkowei

De 3 Detektiver - A list of the titles available in Denmark, with several cover scans. In Danish. By Rie

Drei Fragezeichen MP3 Download Page - The first fifteen German audio plays available for download in MP3 format. In German. Author unknown

Julian's Netsite: Die Drei ??? - Information and discussion on the German titles from 1 - 76. In German. By Julian Zech

India - A site for Three Investigators discussion that contains, among other things, original fan art, weekly discourse and a log book. In English. By Basil Diengdoh

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