The Ghost-to-Ghost collection is a sorted list of Three Investigators related websites from around the world. Additions and updates are highlighted in red. Please contact me if you know of a site that is missing or if you find a broken link.

Relevant Pages

Book-A-Minute Bedtime: The Three Investigators Series - An ultra-condensed and humorous version of the average Three Investigators plot. By Samuel Stoddard and David J. Parker - The official site of Gayle Lynds (G.H. Stone), author of several of the Crimebusters books. - The official site of Elizabeth Arthur (Robert Arthur's daughter) who, like her father, is also a very respected author.

Authors and Creators: Dennis Lynds - A page at The Thrilling Detective Web Site containing biographical and proffesional information on the late Dennis Lynds (William Arden). By Kevin Burton Smith

Dennis Lynds - The official site of the late Dennis Lynds (William Arden).

Terror Castle Creations - A company specializing in the design and production of haunted attractions and events. The inspiration for the name came from (as can easily be surmised) The Secret of Terror Castle.

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