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  1.  Terror Castle
  2.  Stuttering Parrot
  3.  Whispering Mummy
  4.  Green Ghost
  5.  Vanishing Treasure
  6.  Skeleton Island
  7.  Fiery Eye
  8.  Silver Spider
  9.  Screaming Clock
10.  Moaning Cave
11.  Talking Skull
12.  Laughing Shadow
13.  Crooked Cat
14.  Coughing Dragon
15.  Flaming Footprints
16.  Nervous Lion
17.  Singing Serpent
18.  Shrinking House
19.  Phantom Lake
20.  Monster Mountain
21.  Haunted Mirror
22.  Dead Man's Riddle
23.  Invisible Dog
24.  Death Trap Mine
25.  Dancing Devil
26.  Headless Horse
27.  Magic Circle
28.  Deadly Double
29.  Sinister Scarecrow
30.  Shark Reef
31.  Scar-Faced Beggar
32.  Blazing Cliffs
33.  Purple Pirate
34.  Wandering Cave Man
35.  Kidnapped Whale
36.  Missing Mermaid
37.  Two-Toed Pigeon
38.  Smashing Glass
39.  Trail of Terror
40.  Rogues' Reunion
41.  Creep-Show Crooks
42.  Wreckers' Rock
43.  Cranky Collector

Book of Mystery Puzzles

Find Your Fate
  1.  Weeping Coffin
  2.  Dancing Dinosaur
  7.  House of Horrors
  8.  Savage Statue

  1.  Hot Wheels
  2.  Murder To Go
  3.  Rough Stuff
  4.  Funny Business
  5.  An Ear For Danger
  6.  Thriller Diller
  7.  Reel Trouble
  8.  Shoot the Works
  9.  Foul Play
10.  Long Shot
11.  Fatal Error

Random House

Mystery Puzzles & Find Your Fate

The Three Investigators' Book of Mystery Puzzles

In the early 1980's, Random House began expanding The Three Investigators series beyond the standard stories published since 1964. The first such expansion was The Three Investigators' Book of Mystery Puzzles, published in 1982 in paperback only. The book was written by Barbara McCall with cover art and internal illustrations by Anthony Rao. Keeping with the current series format, the book's dimensions were 5 1/8" x 7 9/16" and the now standard keyhole design was used on the cover and spine. At only 64 pages, however, the book was very thin, making for a much smaller than usual spine keyhole.

The most unique aspect of the Book of Mystery Puzzles is that it is the only Three Investigators book that was intended to be used and then discarded; there is no story, making the book almost useless after its puzzles were completed. Because of this, the Book of Mystery Puzzles is difficult to find in even poor condition, let alone in fine condition with none of the puzzles completed. Prices tend to be somewhat high, usually more than $70.00 if the condition is good with a few puzzles worked and occasionally over $100.00 for a completely "clean" copy. Although that is a great deal of money, I personally think the Book of Mystery Puzzles prices are on the low side, considering just how rare this book is and how much is paid for far more readily available titles. Perhaps for the average Three Investigators collector, the Book of Mystery Puzzles just really isn't that desirable or useful.

Find Your Fate

Random House’s second expansion of The Three Investigators series came in 1985, with the introduction of the Find Your Fate Mystery books #1 The Case of the Weeping Coffin and #2 The Case of the Dancing Dinosaur. Patterned after the successful Choose Your Own Adventure format, the Find Your Fate books allowed the reader to make choices during the story, thereby creating different outcomes. Interestingly, the Find Your Fate series was not exclusive to The Three Investigators, featuring other genres and characters, such as fantasy stories with The Thundercats. Because of this, book numbers 3 - 6 do not feature The Three Investigators. The boys did return, however, for two additional titles: #7 The Case of the House of Horrors (1986) and #8 The Case of the Savage Statue (1987).

All four Three Investigators Find Your Fate books were simultaneously published in both Paperback and Reinforced Library Binding (RLB) Editions (the RLB binding is similar to the GLB binding, but with a different emblem on the back cover). Both editions featured identical pictorial cover art and were profusely illustrated, breaking Random House’s current "no illustrations" rule. Both editions also had the Find Your Fate symbol on the top-center of the cover, but the Paperback Edition also used the familiar keyhole symbol on the spine. Dimensions: Paperback Edition 5 1/8" x 7 9/16", RLB Edition 5 1/2" x 7 7/8".

To my knowledge, both editions of all four Find Your Fate Mystery books were only ever available as First Printings. Like all other Three Investigators books published after 1973, printing information can be found on the copyright page numberline.

When it comes to collecting, the first three titles are fairly easy to find in paperback (at very reasonable prices), but the fourth title, as well as all four in RLB Edition, can be very difficult to acquire.

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